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Sigma Deposit

​Effectively store your small cash deposits in your retail environment. Sigma Deposit from Chubbsafes is a range of deposit safes providing burglary protection.


You work in a retail environment in which you routinely need to store small cash deposits. As a result, you want a compact yet effective deposit safe that does not exceed your budget.

Sigma Deposit from Chubbsafes offers burglary protection for your small cash deposits. This cost-effective range is equipped with added security features to deter theft.



  • Simple to use and operate

  • Excellent value for money deposit solution

  • 8mm plate steel door, 25mm steel frame, 25mm diameter steel locking bolts

  • Anti-fishing device included to prevent retrieval of deposited cash

  • Anchoring kit included to prevent unauthorised removal

  • Key lock, electronic lock, or dual-control key and electronic lock

  • Choice of 3 sizes ranging from 32 to 50 litres

Product Specifications

Product family

Model Height Width Depth Weight Volume Fittings
Sz 1 305 375 350 27 32 -
Sz 2 375 375 369 33 39 -
Sz 3 475 375 469 38 50 -

Contact information

Mark Brookes

Global Product Manager
 Mark Brookes

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