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​Resist the ravages of fire damage and theft for documents in your office: Duplex from Chubbsafes is a range of certified safes providing combined fire and burglary protection.


You understand that theft is not the only threat to your office: fire can also damage your premises at any time, destroying your precious documents. You need a highly resistant safe that can protect on multiple fronts up to the most rigorous standards.

Duplex from Chubbsafes offers combined fire and burglary protection and a key lock certified to ECB•S standards. The wide range of fittings enables you to customise your safe to your needs while enhancing your storage capacity.



  • Certified EN 15659 for fire protection of documents (up to 1 hour)

  • Certified EN 14450, Level S2 burglary protection

  • Low-height model designed for under the window installation

  • 90° door opening which allows the cabinets to be placed next to each other

  • Anchor points in the base to fix the cabinet on the floor

  • Certified EN 1300, Class A key lock

  • Various key or electronic lock options

  • Generous storage capacity thanks to a wide range of customisable internal fittings: shelf, pull-out file frame

  • Internal ladder racking system for flexible positioning of the fittings

  • Choice of 3 sizes ranging from 446 to 773 litres  with double doors for all models

Product Specifications

Product family

Model Height Width Depth Weight Volume Fittings
Model 450 1200 1250 585 440 446 2 shelves
Model 550 1950 940 585 460 550 4 shelves
Model 775 1950 1250 585 650 773 4 shelves

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Mark Brookes

Global Product Manager
 Mark Brookes

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