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      Protect your private valuables with graded safes, fireproof safes, home safes in different levels of certifications.

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      Keep your most important documents and valuables impervious to theft and destruction: Chubbsafes' cash safes are tested and certified to meet the most stringent international standards in security.

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      Deter thieves by quickly neutralising sophisticated burglary tools: Chubbsafes' strong rooms ensure your strong rooms are protected to the highest level.

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      The Chubbsafes' range of vault doors offers certified protection against attacks from a variety of sources: crowbars, high-powered disc cutters and oxyacetylene torches, explosives, diamond-core drill bits and more.

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T2 Certification: Standard modernised with new tool list

The T2 certification is an update of the EN standard used in certifying safes and cabinets with a high level of burglary resistance, now accommodating advanced tooling.

T2 burglary resistance tests

The EN standard used in certifying safes and cabinets with a high level of burglary resistance has been recently updated to accommodate advanced tooling. These new tools are now listed in the standard under the "T2" tool list. This video shows burglary tests using a selection of these more advanced tools.

Chubbsafes products: Certified according to stringent security standards

Chubbsafes' wide range of products include graded safes with T2 certification. What does this mean in practice? As with any standard, independent certification bodies routinely assess the efficacy and relevance of their standards, and it is important to stay up to date with an ever changing and developing landscape.  These regulatory updates can reflect changes in industry practices, innovations in technology or target recently identified safety issues.

Unwaveringly dedicated to providing a range of the highest quality products with the best possible standard levels, Chubbsafes products are designed to withstand attack methods experienced in the real world. Consequently, Gunnebo has played an active part in supporting the creation of the European (EN) burglary standards since their inception in the late 1980s, standards that are applied to many of the products available under the Chubbsafes brand.

Certification standards can and will always change in line with the development of more sophisticated tooling technology and it is our ambition to create products that meet all of the latest standards.

In April 2019 the European Standard for safes, ATM safes, strongrooms and strongroom doors (EN 1143-1) was updated. Since its publication, the general specification of the burglary tools in EN 1143-1 had not been adapted. In addition to the options "EX" (solid explosive testing), "GAS" (gas explosive testing) and "CD" (additional core drill testing) the document now includes a new "T2 option" (attack with an amended set of tools).

It is important to note that the European standardisation groups did not deem it necessary to adapt the original EN 1143-1 tool list, as there is no evidence that current certified products show any significant weaknesses during real burglary attacks. As the new sophisticated tooling is readily available to criminals, it was decided to integrate an option to allow evaluation of products against these new burglary tools in addition to existing ones.

Tools tested to achieve the T2 grades

Electric cutting discs

The tools used in testing are now more powerful. Formerly only 800 Watts, they are now 1350 Watts. The discs also have thinner cutting edges, are more abrasive and are thus much more effective than they were at the time of writing the original test procedures.

Hole cutters & saws

Carbide tipped hole cutter & tungsten tipped circular saw are easily obtainable from DIY stores and can be highly effective against old designs. Not previously included, these tools are now specified in the T2 version testing safes designed for high levels of security.

Thermal lances

Often used by the film industry for maximum visual effect, these tools are a reality when it comes to attacking large safes and strong rooms. They have become more effective over time and the list of those permitted to be used has increased.

Impact Tools

Impact tools used for breaking concrete are more powerful and consequently effective against materials historically used in the barriers of safes. The standard revision takes notice of these, and electric building hammers are included when testing products intended to provide the higher most levels of protection.

Selection of T2 Certified Products

DuoForce T2
TriForce T2
Europa T2
Europa T2
DuoGuard T2
DuoGuard T2