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ModuleGuard Strong Room

Protect your business valuables in a flexible and modular security enclosure construction.

ModuleGuard is a range of ECB•S certified Grade II–IV security enclosures made from modular lightweight panels to be integrated into existing buildings.

image image image

Key features

  • Chubbsafes Icon TYPE OF RESISTANCE


  • Chubbsafes Icon RANGE

    3 models ranging from Grades II to IV

  • Chubbsafes Icon LOCK OPTIONS

    Key, Electronic or Combination Locks


You are looking for modular, lightweight solution that can protect you from burglary, which can be built into your existing premise? ModuleGuard is the solution: It not only offers certified protection against burglary (certified by ECB•S) for grades II to IV, but also provides resistance from basic tools, such as drills and sledgehammers, to even more sophisticated thermal and electrical equipment, like the oxyacetylene torch. ModuleGuard has also been granted level CR4 according to the EN 1627-30 standard, it has undergone a certified ballistics test and it has been certified to level FB4 in accordance with EN 1522.

Certified Resistance

ModuleGuard has been approved by ECB•S in accordance with the European EN 1143-1 standard for burglary protection in Grades II, III and IV.


  • ModuleGuard security enclosures are certified Grade II–IV by ECB•S in accordance with the EN 1143-1 certification for burglary resistance
  • The rooms also offer approved protection against certain firearms
  • The security enclosures are constructed using modular lightweight panels
  • The security enclosures can be built into the existing structure of a building and customised to meet the required dimensions
  • Possible applications are reinforced protection for cash-counting rooms, archives, storerooms (for weapons, pharmaceuticals), ATMs, etc.
  • A series of high-security locking options is available
  • The exterior of the enclosure is primed in RAL 7032 and can be finished with decorative panels. Pre-painted or galvanised versions available as an option


ModuleGuard Strong Rooms are constructed using modular, lightweight panels. The light weight reduces transportation costs, eases installation and allows for placement higher up in buildings where floor loads are limited. The modular construction means assembly, disassembly and expansion of a room are both quick and easy. ModuleGuard Strong Rooms can be built into the existing structure of a building and customised to meet the required dimensions.

Easy assembly

Watch how quickly and simply the team at Insafe International Limited assemble the Moduleguard strong room. This highly secure, flexible construction is available in 3 models and is certified from Grade II to IV by ECB•S in accordance with EN 1143-1.

View video


Key Specifications

  • Certification Standard: EN 1143-1
  • Protection or Resistance Level: Grade II–IV
  • Certification Body: ECB•S
  • Type of resistance: Burglary, Firearms
  • Lock types: Key Lock, Electronic lock, Combination Lock
  • Valuables to protect: Cash, Collectables, Jewellery, Other valuables

Product Specifications


Model Panel Thickness (mm) Max. External Wall Span 1 kN/m2 (mm)* Max. External Roof Span 1 kN/m2 (mm)* Panel Net Weight (kg/m2)
Grade II 75 3945 3945 104
Grade III 75 3945 3945 108
Grade IV 75 2745 3945 200

*Without support structure - Floor load depends on the size of the enclosure.

Full specifications

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