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      Protect your hotel, student residency or other high-turnover accommodation against theft: Chubbsafes' hotel safes are ideal for storing your customers' cash, valuables, passports and other sensitive documents.

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A range of certified safes providing fire protection for up to 60 minutes.

The Chubbsafes Executive Cabinets provide peace of mind: in the event of a fire, you can be sure that your paperwork can be recovered in a usable condition.

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Key features

  • Chubbsafes Icon TYPE OF RESISTANCE


  • Chubbsafes Icon RANGE

    4 sizes from 14 to 71 litres

  • Chubbsafes Icon LOCK OPTIONS

    Key or Electronic Lock


Mark Brookes, Global Product Manager for Safes and Cabinets, presents the product features of the Executive.


Rest easy knowing your essential documents and personal belongings are protected against fire in your home or small office: The Chubbsafes Executive is a range of certified safes providing fire protection for up to one hour. You store many personal belongings, wills, property deeds, contracts, insurance policies and other important documents in your home or small office. As a result, you need a reliable safe that ensures you have peace of mind, even in the event of a fire. The Chubbsafes Executive offers fire protection certified by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and the Underwriter's Laboratories (UL), two leading certification companies. All models benefit from standard internal fittings, enabling quick installation as soon as the unit is delivered.


Executive - Technical Drawing 
Certified resistance

The Executive Cabinet range has been tested and certified by both RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) to standard NT 017, being awarded resistance class 60 for Paper, and by UL (Underwriters Laboratory of America), being awarded resistance Class 350 for up to 1 hour.


The Executive Cabinet is constructed with an overall body thickness of 50mm, comprising an inner and outer steel body, containing a specially formulated fire-resistant solid barrier material. Doors are constructed with an overall thickness of 66mm.


  • Ideal for storing essential documents such as wills, property deeds, contracts, insurance policies and many more
  • Ready-to-use solution with internal fittings provided as standard
  • Certified NT Fire 017 and UL 350 for fire protection of documents (up to 1 hour)
  • Special fire-resistant solid barrier material: 50mm body and 66mm door thicknesses
  • Anchoring kit to securely fix the safe in the floor and prevent any unauthorised removal
  • 2 lock options available: a cylinder lock or a user-friendly programmable electronic lock
  • Choice of 4 sizes ranging from 14 to 71 litres


Key Specifications

  • Certification Standard: NT Fire 017
  • Protection or Resistance Level: 60 min Paper
  • Certification Body: RISE
  • Type of resistance: Burglary, Fire
  • Lock types: Key Lock, Electronic lock
  • Valuables to protect: Documents

Product Specifications

Executive (NT Fire 017-60 P)

Model external height (mm) external width (mm) external depth (mm) internal height (mm) internal width (mm) internal depth (mm) capacity (litres) net weight (kg) Number of trays Number of shelves
M-15 300 390 320 210 310 215 14 25 1 0
M-25 345 425 450 240 320 320 25 45 1 0
M-40 525 410 450 415 305 320 41 57 1 1
M-70 670 550 510 515 395 340 71 120 0 2

*Dimensions exclude handle and hinge projections.

Full specifications

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