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Senator: Combined burglary and fire protection

The Senator is the not-so-typical option for home and office protection of valuables. Indeed, it holds a dual burglary and fire certification form the most stringent of European standards. In addition to a heavyweight secure bolt, it offers an EN 1300 certified Class A key lock or a Class B high-security electronic lock.

Easy to use, its door can be removed for a simpler installation and it offers a reduced overall weight by 15%. It comes in four different sizes (32, 46, 63 and 190 liters), each with a standard shelf and ready to use upon delivery.

A compact and durable unit, it has been certified to hold up to fire for up to 30 minutes. While the locks are meet the highest security standards, even the keyhole itself includes an additional protective plate.

Unassuming, easy, it simply delivers.

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