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The ideal safe storage solution to protect cash, valuable items and important documents at home and in the office

The Viper provides a dual, certified protection against burglary (EN 14450, S2) and 30 minutes fire (EN 15659)

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Key features








With the Viper safe, we have decided to let you choose what works best for your home, or office while making sure that your belongings are safe: Customize your unit with either a key lock or an electronic lock, but rest easy knowing that both will give you the highest of protection with an EN European Standard certification. The safe itself will let you rest easy, offering you a 30-minute fire resistance and burglary protection, also certified to the European standards. But that's not all: The "V" bolt system that secures the door and the fire resistance material have been specially designed to offer the latest in security technology.



All sizes have been certified in accordance with the European EN 14450 standard to burglary resistance Level S2. The complete range is certified in accordance with the European EN 15659 standard to provide 30-minutes protection for documents in the event of a fire.


  • The ideal safe for protecting cash and valuable items, as well as passports, title deeds and other important documents at home and in office
  • Dual protection against burglary and fire with EN 14450 certification , Class S2 for burglary protection and EN 15659 for up to 30 minutes fire protection
  • The Viper remains the lightest product in its category, while providing best in class protection.
  • Door is equipped with "V" bolt system to ensure a maximum door integrity
  • Choice of EN 1300-certified double-bitted key lock or the “Pulse 2”, a reliable and stylish electronic lock that is very simple to use
  • Base anchoring facility for added security


The Viper has many advantages such as rear fixing as an option, unique "V" bolt system to ensure a maximum door integrity.


Key Specifications

  • Certification standard: EN 14450 and EN 15659
  • Protection or resistance Level: S2 and LFS 30P
  • Certification body: EMTAC
  • Type of resistance: Burglary, Fire
  • Lock types: Key Lock, Combination Lock, Electronic Lock
  • Valuables to protect: Cash, Documents, Collectables, Jewellery, Other Valuables

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