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      Keep your most important documents and valuables impervious to theft and destruction: Chubbsafes' certified safes are tested and certified to meet the most stringent international standards in security.

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      Deter thieves by quickly neutralising sophisticated burglary tools: Chubbsafes' strong rooms ensure your strong rooms are protected to the highest level.

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      The Chubbsafes' range of strong room doors offers certified protection against attacks from a variety of sources: crowbars, high-powered disc cutters and oxyacetylene torches, explosives, diamond-core drill bits and more.

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      Safe Deposit Boxes

      Safe deposit boxes with manual or electronical locking options, offering a high protection for valuables. Installed throughout the globe in many of the world's finest financial institutions

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      The Chubbsafes range of bullet-resistant doors offers multiple levels of protection for external and back of house applications. Highly resistant security materials and tried and tested design all combine to protect against ballistic and manual attack with the option of additional blast and fire protection.

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Certified modular vaults that are demountable and extendable to meet the demand for optimum security.

InstaVault consist of highly certified modular panels providing protection against burglary, explosives, drills and fire.

image image

key features

  • Chubbsafes Icon TYPE OF RESISTANCE
    type of resistance

    burglary, explosives, drills and fire

  • Chubbsafes Icon RANGE

    various cat4 or cat5

  • Chubbsafes Icon LOCK OPTIONS
    lock options


Product description

InstaVault consists of modular panels which are assembled using a welded or bolted method. The installation can be completed with outer cladding such as plasterboard, blockwork or plaster finish. This offers a high degree of penetration resistance compared to a conventional (insitu) vault construction. The vault panels are certified and tested by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to the latest SANS 949 security standards.

certified resistance

InstaVault panels are tested and certified by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to the latest SANS 949 security standards. They have a SABS CAT4 and CAT5 rating. The 160mm panels can withstand temperature in excess of 1000°C over a period of two hours.

product benefits

  • Optimum protection for high value assets with reinforced structures for additional protection against mechanical and thermal tools
  • Tested and certified by SABS to the latest SANS 949 security standards
  • Size is dependent on the available space on site
  • Roof panels are manufactured to the maximum lengths as provided in the product specification
  • Roof spans exceeding panels length will require an internal support structure but can be designed to suit the internal layout of the vault
  • There are no joins at the corners as all the panels are fastened at the side sections
  • Panel connections are made internally so that no fixings are visible from the exterior
  • Can be integrated into various environments, such as new buildings, existing buildings and to strengthen strong room units
  • Can be designed on a bespoke basis to suit any shape or size, subject to a full and comprehensive site survey


InstaVault panels are constructed from steel pans filled with reinforced Chubbsafes Borox™ SP barrier material and remains uniform throughout all grades. Roof and floor panels are constructed from the same material.  Panels have a stepped construction using half lap joins so that fixings are fully protected by the barrier.


Key Specifications

  • Certifications Standard: South Africa’s SANS 949
  • Protection or Resistance Level: CAT4 or CAT5
  • Certification Body: South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)
  • Type of resistance: Burglary, Explosives, Drill and Fire
  • Lock types: N/A
  • Valuables to protect: Cash, jewellery, sensitive documentation, precious metals and/or stones, etc.

Product Specifications


Model external height (mm) external width (mm) external depth (mm) internal height (mm) internal width (mm) internal depth (mm) wall thickness
Size 1 2400 2560 1440 2080 2240 1120 160/100
Size 2 2400 2560 2560 2080 2240 2240 160/100
Size 3 2400 2560 3680 2080 2240 3360 160/100
Size 4 2400 2560 4800 2080 2240 4480 160/100

Full specifications

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